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Vol. 6  No. 3 March 2015 (c)

FrontPage News

A 4.2 million dollar toast to the 2015 General Assembly!  | General Assembly 2015, beer bill, lobbying, money and politics, advertising, Frankfort, Kentucky
A 4.2 million dollar toast to the 2015 General Assembly!

About $4.2 million was spent on lobbying during the first two months of the 2015 General Assembly. In addition, businesses and organizations spent $574,000 on advertising in support or opposition to legislation pending before the legislature.

Under a law passed by the 2014 General Assembly, this is the first session in which employers are required to report lobbying-related advertising. While spending on lobbying this year is at about the same level as the first two months of the previous 30-day session in 2013, the new advertising reporting requirement provides more information on activities conducted in support of legislative lobbying.

Including spending on advertising, the top spenders for first two months of the session were: Anheuser-Busch Companies ($290,908, including $261,000 on advertising); American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network ($132,453, including $104,000 on advertising); and Kentuckians for Entrepreneurs & Growth (KEG) ($117,085, including $97,500 on advertising).

Other top spenders include: Altria Client Services ($92,199); Kentucky Beer Wholesalers ($75,837, including $50,000 on advertising); AT&T ($68,955, including $23,089 on advertising)...

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Legislative Ethics Newsletter Report,

Obama Admin to go after antibiotic resistant bugs | health, agriculture, Obama, medicine, livestock, chickens, poultry, cattle,

Antibiotic use in animal production will be part of attack on resistant bacteria.
Obama Admin to go after antibiotic resistant bugs

"...Judicious use of antibiotics in healthcare and agricultural settings is essential to slow the emergence of resistance and extend the useful lifetime of effective antibiotics. The CDC estimates that up to half of all human antibiotic use is unnecessary or inappropriate. The Action Plan includes activities to foster improvements in the appropriate use of antibiotics (i.e., antibiotic stewardship) by improving prescribing practices across all healthcare settings. , preventing the spread of drug-resistant threats in healthcare facilities and communities, and continuing to eliminate the use of medically-important antibiotics for growth promotion in animals..."

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WH Press Release

The Subtle Art of Racism | racism, race relations, education,
The Subtle Art of Racism

...I've taught about racism, stereotyping and prejudice for years. I've come to the realization that all of us, even the most well-intentioned, politically correct, culturally sensitive, possess a certain degree of prejudiced attitudes. Some attitudes are certainly more harmful than others. Once we act on those attitudes, people begin to get hurt or treated unfairly. I think we would all do well to be aware of these attitudes, realize how they may affect our actions and try to change them.

"Subtle racism" is also reflected in the idea that if we support minority rights, listen to jazz and voted for Obama, then we can't possibly hold any racist attitudes. This is simply untrue...

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Leslie Page, Instructor of Psychology, WKCTC

Changing Weather Patterns in West Kentucky | climate, weather, West Kentucky, snow, temperature, rainfall

Winter 2014 "A Winter Battle Zone" for snowfall averages. NOAA map
Changing Weather Patterns in West Kentucky

Weather is local. Climate is global.

In the twenty counties of West Kentucky climate and weather are coming together to increasingly affect the way West Kentuckians live and work.

From 2004 through 2014, there have been over two hundred severe weather events that have caused hundreds of millions of dollars for damages and have killed people.

West Kentucky is a mixing area for storms.

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Ivan C. Potter, Publisher West Kentucky Journal - 2 opinions posted

LIFT will need help to get through KY Senate | General Assembly 2015, Legislature, LIFT, sales tax, Kentucky,

LIFT supporters gathered in mid-February to watch LIFT pass the House.
LIFT will need help to get through KY Senate

Kentucky House Bill 1, acronym LIFT (Local Investments for Transformation), passed the House on February 12, 2015..

The bill which sailed virtually unscathed through the House may not have such a clear path through the Senate. It has run into opposition from big energy users...

UPDATE: The bill went to the Senate State Government Committee on February 19, 2015. House floor amendments eliminated prevailing wage provisions for local projects if LIFT becomes law.

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Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal

Community and Regional News

Is Your County Work Ready? | work ready, employment, Kentucky

Source: Workready.ky.gov
Is Your County Work Ready?

Workready Communities is the latest economic development tool in Kentucky. It's all about process.

Counties across the Commonwealth are jumping into the program.

Will certification pay off?

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Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal

Ballard and Marshall designated Work Ready Communities in Progress.  | Ballard County, Marshall County, Kentucky, Jobs, economic development,
Ballard and Marshall designated Work Ready Communities in Progress.

Governor Steve Beshear has announced Fleming County is a Work Ready Community.

Additionally, Ballard County and Marshall County have been certified as a Kentucky Work Ready Communities In-Progress...These two Purchase Counties join McCracken which received an In-Progress designation in 2012.

Other counties in the region working on Work Ready Certification are Carlisle and Hickman.

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Mary Anne Medlock, PADD

Cumberland Chapter opposes rate increase | utilities, KU, LG & E, PSC, Kentucky Public Service Commission,

Rate increase will reduce incentive for energy efficiency.
Cumberland Chapter opposes rate increase

Resolution on Rate Restructuring Proposal by LG&E/KU.

The Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club opposes the large increases in the fixed monthly charges for residential customers that LG&E and KU have proposed in a filing under consideration by the KY Public Service Commission. We believe that raising this fixed fee by 67% (from $10.75 to $18 per month) will have undesirable effects, including:

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Gene Nettles


Dear Senator Paul - Come Home  | Rand Paul, US Senate, presidential politics, Kentucky,
Dear Senator Paul - Come Home

...Kentucky is like a first wife left behind for more attractive younger women; you have abandoned us for Iowa and New Hampshire. Working on our relationship doesn't seem to be your day job any more...

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Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal


"Textbooks profits benefit publisher, not University" | Murray State University, textbook, college, education costs, Kentucky
"Textbooks profits benefit publisher, not University"

Students in the United States spend $655 each year on required course material according to NACS meaning textbook publishers are making, on average, $506.97 per college student. And the cost of textbooks is continuing to climb...

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Ben Manhanke, photos by Nicole Ely, The Murray State News, pub. w/permission

HCHS Readers Select Favorite Bluegrass Books
HCHS Readers Select Favorite Bluegrass Books

Recently, HCHS readers who participated in the program were invited to a "Voting Party" in order to select their favorites from this year's list.

KBA readers pictured above: (back row) Jade Florence, Latrese Vinson, Hailey Dixon, Kristen Boaz, Sarah Harpole, Savannah Sublette, Haley-Marie Ellegood, Cassidy Luker; (front row) Jalisha Hunter and Courtney Cagle. Not pictured are Audrey Byassee and Zach Etherton.

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Karen Stairs, HCHS LMS & Falcon Academy Coordinator

I Love to Read Week Celebrated

...Just in time for the big snow storm, students at Hickman County High School recently celebrated "I Love to Read" Week with a school-wide book giveaway held in the high school library.

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Karen Stairs, HCHS

Politics & Government

Fun on GOP side in May primary | primary, Mayfield, Comer,

Rep. Richard Heath of Mayfield is running for Commissioner of Agriculture.
Fun on GOP side in May primary

The spots for party primaries on May 27th are set. With the exception of a race for treasurer, the Dems will have a quiet time of it.

On the GOP side, four slates for governor promise a livelier contest.

We list the candidates, their hometowns and our brilliant analysis after the jump.

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Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal

Three names to go to Gov. for KY Sup. Ct.
FRANKFORT, Ky., Feb. 26, 2015 - The Judicial Nominating Commission, led by Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton Jr., today announced nominees to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat for the 7th Appellate Court District. The district is comprised of 22 counties in Eastern Kentucky. The vacancy was created when Justice Will T. Scott stepped down Jan. 2 to run for Kentucky governor.
The three attorneys named as nominees to fill the vacancy are David Allen Barber of Prestonsburg, Roger Donald Riggs of Mount Sterling and Janet L. Stumbo of Van Lear.
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Jamie Neal, Public Information Specialist, Administrative Office of the Courts

Travel & Tourism

DPA brings Titanic show to Union City | Titanic, Discovery Park of America, Tennessee, Kentucky, history, museum,
DPA brings Titanic show to Union City

(Union City, TN) Over one hundred years after the ship called "practically unsinkable" sank, R.M. S. Titanic continues to fascinate...

Discovery Park of America is bringing Titanic's story to West Tennessee in a traveling exhibit opening January 31st and running to May 2, 2015. The show, "Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition," is a display over 200 items brought up from the wreck by Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

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Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal

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Publisher and editor of West Kentucky Journal bring decades of experience to writing

Meet the husband and wife team responsible for West Kentucky Journal.

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Mary Potter & Ivan Potter, West Kentucky Journal

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