T. R. Reid - debunking health care myths

The Washington Post has a story on the five myths on health care in other developed countries that seem to be the most prevalent in the health care debate. You’ve heard them: months waiting for surgery, rationing, cost, the US system is innovative – which makes it expensive. (Not so – we have the French to thank for knee and hip replacement surgery).
T. R. Reid traveled the globe studying other systems and his conclusion – the US has a little bit of this system and a pinch of that one. It makes for a confusing, expensive, costly goulash of programs.  We cost more, deny more, bureaucrat more, lose more, than other civilized countries. We are right on a par with Burundi and Burma. Oh joy.
Several readers forwarded the link. Message received.
I read Reid. Now it’s your turn.  Five myths about health care in the rest of the world by T. R. Reid