Conway battlewagon at Fancy FarmPolitical Battlewagons and Ground Conflict

along the back roads of Kentucky

Kentucky politics very soon will experience a radical new concept of political warfare not seen since the days of Wendell Ford, Julian Carroll, or Wallace Wilkerson. This will be the art of a ground war practiced waged precinct by precinct. This new ground war will be driven by new strategies and campaign operations built for intense local media domination and show of force. These new strategies will start in 2010 and end in 2012.

Already, the Williams & Farmer road show is taking shape for the 2011 governor’s race in Kentucky. According to the Nelson County Gazette, this team will use a special RV for their gubernatorial team operations center on the road campaigning throughout Kentucky back roads.

This is but one example of what is being planned for the use of mega RVs and/or corporate size mobile battlewagons to secure and control the political landscape in rural Kentucky. Beyond this example are the prospects of a new breed of campaign vehicle to be used in Kentucky.

Looming just off the center stage of media and public awareness is the building and design of new war machines and strategies to drive hard and deep into the dark corners of modern Kentucky geo-political territory. One such war machine is the battlewagon.

Battlewagons 1910 

Battlewagons are an outgrowth of a 100 years thinking about how to conquer and hold conflict geography. Modern battlewagons are designed to function just as their ancestral great battleships of the early 1900 hundreds.     

In 1910 the rage among the professional war masters of Europe and America was to have for each nation the latest and biggest, baddest battlewagon or battleship that money could buy. This new breed of warship was called Dreadnoughts, after the HMS Dreadnought of 1905 design.  The national politics and economics of arming for war for what became World War I, was based in large part, on the massive build up of  the German and British fleets, just after the turn of the 20th Century.

The sole mission of these giant ships of state was to project raw physical power. These ships sought to control the shipping lanes and empire ports for protecting or depending on who attacked who, the destruction of these same entities.  The game of geo-political military force was to control or destroy natural resources such as coal, timber, food, and water.

Battlewagons 2010 Rand Paul battlewagon side

Kentucky is emerging as an example of a new type of political warfare in America. Within the boundaries of this state, political forces from the left, the right and from the angry are waging intense struggles over who will have the right to define and restructure the state’s resources.

The real battle is being fought over 30 years of government becoming out of touch with its population and tax base. The recent political event called Fancy Farm shows just how extreme the art of waging political war is becoming in this state. Fancy Farm 2010 also illustrated the use of political battlewagons to project image and force.

Fancy Farm 2010 

Massive political battlewagons boxed in and caged the geography of Fancy Farm Picnic. The high ground of parking at the Picnic was to the immediate lefRex Smith battlewagont hand side of the speaker’s platform.

This real estate was secured by 21 political war wagons of all sizes and shapes. They were divided into four types: (3) mega battleships with wheels (5) super RV’s (3) regular RV’s and (4) small campers. Waiting out of sight were the Troop Ship buses. Each of these groups played an important part in the geo-political dynamics of Fancy Farm Picnic.

Battlewagons are no longer cheap ($20,000 to $40,000). The new monsters at Fancy Farm ranged in cost from $ 250,000 down to $ 100,000.  They can be like the Rand Paul monster of 50 ft. plus with folding out side rooms that can have another 10 ft. added to the parked unit along each side.

The geography of the Fancy Farm Picnic is unlike any other political battlefield in West Kentucky. True, there are many other church barbecues and picnics; there is only one Fancy Farm Picnic. 

Ground War and Fall 2010 Election Campaigns 

Campaign battlewagons will win the fall elections. They will do this because of their ability to project name, campaign issues, messages, and force of presence deep into political territory that has long been forgotten or forsaken by both major political parties.

Each campaign stop in a small town where battlewagons show up, they will allow the campaign to frame the media coverage by their sheer presence of force and image. These mobile operations platforms can also be used to coordinate the use of feeder bus loads of volunteers to jack up the numbers of supporters seen in local crowds. 

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