GOP Secretary of State candidates agree on voter ID

Secretary of State

Bill Johnson ran for the US Senate briefly in a three way GOP primary race with then Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Dr. Rand Paul. In his speech at the Curris Center, JohnsBill Johnson candidate for secretary of stateon criticized Wisconsin state employees for their sense of entitlement that has led them to a showdown with their governor. Johnson spoke of Bob Heft, his friend and mentor, credited with designing the 50 star American flag. Heft inspired Johnson to a career in politics.

If elected, Johnson will push strongly for photo identification to vote. He also promises to use his background in computer systems to further automate the system in the secretary of state’s office. He sees himself as part of a whole slate of GOP candidates who want to get government out of the way.

HHilda Legg candidate for secretary of stateilda Legg of Somerset Kentucky told the crowd proudly that she served at the feet of Ronald Reagan. She said sometimes one has to get into government to institute change. Her primary motivation for running for secretary of state is to protect the integrity of the vote. She has telecommunications experience which she will use if elected. Legg also favors photo identification for voters.

Legg, a former schoolteacher, told the crowd that she wants to become Kentucky’s civics teacher.