The Man formerly known as John McCain

Murray Hudson

 John McCain and I belong to the same highland clan. My grandmother was a McKain and my father was as much clan as the Senator is, so I understand the feisty temperament.
I had some admiration for McCain when he ran for President in 2000. Then Karl Rove hit him with robocalls in SC about having a black love child (his adopted Bangladeshi daughter). This punch below the belt put Bush in the lead. I felt a strong empathy for McCain and loathing for Rove. I was surprised when McCain hugged Bush and embraced his policies.
Now John McCain has hired the same hatchet men with lying robocalls to try to do to Obama what Bush/Rove did to him.
Propaganda and lies got Bush/Rove where they are now. For those of us who abhor liars and attack dogs, this is a new low for John McCain. My grandmother McKain wouldn't stand for this meanness.
Murray Hudson