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Showing 5 articles from September 24, 2008.

FrontPage News

Have the Presidential Debate. Have the Campaign.

Instead of talking about throwing more money into Wall Street, Congress should be talking criminal investigations, criminal indictments, special prosecutors and white collar crime.  It is inconceivable that no laws were broken, no lies were told under oath, no collusion occurred to bring us to this point.  

To let the perps walk away with millions, possibly billions of dollars, will subject this country to greater greed, greater ruthlessness, and greater oppression of those who cannot afford to fight back.  


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We Can't Make This Crap Up!

Jack Brammer is reporting that LRC Director Bobby Sherman got a 47% raise ($62,000) not to retire.

Hooray for the Democratic House Leadership for voting against the raise.
Boo hiss to Sen. David Williams and his allies for voting for it.

Didn’t you learn anything from the way your
your redecorating decision was greeted
last summer, Senator Williams??

Read the story here.  PolWatchers
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Billionaire Bail Out
With great astonishment I watch, with the rest of the world, as the banking industry melts away before our very eyes.  Simultaneously, the Bush administration and the Republican forces in Congress insist that we must "bail out" the Wall Street tycoons who created this world wide crisis with a blank check and no stipulations.  To say I am aghast at this sheer lack of leadership, judgment and scruples would be a gross understatement
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CAFOs have no science to stand on
No one needed to do scientific studies to tell us hogs didn’t smell like roses. But the scientific studies have now been done that confirm what our noses - and stinky clothes - told us on that Illinois farm about 50 years ago. The only difference is that now some of the compounds causing the unpleasant aroma have been identified, and some of those compounds, according to public health studies, cause human health problems, from flu-like symptoms to severe asthmatic attacks.
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Community and Regional News

9/24/08 GAO Report: Factory Farms Unsafe Pollutant Emitters
Washington, D.C.-A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study released today says that large factory farms, known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), can emit dangerous levels of airborne and waterbornepollutants. The report concludes that these operations can potentially degrade air quality because large amounts of manure may emit unsafe quantities of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulate matter, and they can potentially degrade water quality because pollutants in manure such as nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria, and organic matter could enter nearby water bodies. 

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