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Democratic Fundraiser Friday Night Better Than a Saturday at WalMart
Editor's Note - We asked one of the attendees to submit some thoughts on the Friday night Dem fundraiser in Louisville. We also sent a photographer, but the room was so dark and she was so far from the stage that she wouldn't even send the pictures, being chagrined by her lack of ability to catch the shot.  So, read on and use your imagination.

can't speak for everyone, but I most certainly enjoy a good political fundraiser.  If for nothing else, people watching at a political event tends to be more fruitful than the standard fodder at the local Wal-Mart.  Friday night's Kentucky Democratic Party fundraiser in Louisville was no exception. 

In attendance were all of the major political players from the state of Kentucky and beyond.  This was definitely an opportunity to meet and greet the powerful and connected; well, that is if you had $1000.00 to sit in the sectioned off high price dinner area.  If you were one of the unwashed masses, you sat half a football field away from the under-lit stage on which the chosen few were allowed to address the crowd.  Not to worry though, if you were in the bleacher section, which at $50.00 a ticket still doesn't constitute "cheap seats", you didn't miss out on the poor excuse for a high priced dinner. The plate of dry bread, fruit and hard cheese didn't justify the additional ticket cost (trust me on this one).

In total, the event was a bit of an odd bird.  Kentucky Democrats and lobbyists abounded, in surprisingly large numbers, to pretend that Senator Hillary Clinton still has a snowball's chance in the depths of Hades of winning the Democratic nomination.  The line to get through Secret Service was long, so we had plenty of time while waiting for the Hillary camp to administer the booster shots of hallucinogenic drugs to the hordes of middle aged, die hard Hillary fanatics.  This is the only explanation for the behavior of this stranger-than-normal crowd. 

The night droned on and the speeches, peppered with ill prepared jokes filtered through the room.  As Rep. John Yarmouth (D; KY-03) took the stage and pledged his promise that Senator Barack Obama would indeed visit the state of Kentucky, about half of the crowd erupted with "Hil-la-ry, Hil-la-ry, Hil-la-ry" chants.  Another quarter of the crowd began, "O-Bam-A, O-Bam-A, O-Bam-A".  The other quarter of us just sat back in amusement and could barely contain our excitement for the promise of the Fancy Farm Picnic in August if this is what we have in store.  Being that Yarmouth is one of the shining lights in the Democratic Progressive movement and should be revered by those in the party, I personally thought it was tacky to interrupt him, but it sure was entertaining to watch!   

Of particular interest during Governor Steve Beshear's speech one of the unwashed masses from the peanut gallery bleachers continued to scream, "Endorse Hillary", referring to his refusal to disclose who he will support with his Super Delegate vote.  I found this particularly humorous, as to suggest a sailor jump aboard a sinking ship and begin to row. 

Once Hillary finally took the stage, the majority of the crowd had been tooling around for the better part of two and a half hours waiting for something newsworthy to happen so we could say we had been there when ... 

Her speech ended up being predictable and tired.  More of the same; Republicans, Bad, Democrats, Good.  It was an easy crowd, we drank the cool aid many years ago, so it wasn't a hard sell.  Clever and strategic, Senator Clinton scarcely mentioned the other Democratic Senator, the one who is going to get the nomination.  I for one hope the omission was a way to begin mending fences so we can have a joint ticket with both candidates on the ballot in the fall. 

Oh Please, oh please, oh please ...

Your humble scribe,

Silence DoSomething 

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