Dem Debate 5/7/10: New nukes for Kentucky?

Dem Debate 5/7/10: New nukes for Kentucky? | nuclear energy, US senate 2010, Buckmaster, Sweeney, Conway, Price, Mongiardo, Paducah

Question: Do you support lifting the moratorium on nuclear plants in Kentucky? Do you think nuclear should be part of our future?
Buckmaster: I think if the nuclear industry thinks it is sustainable, then they should finance it. We need to stop having our government support everything. We need to support Kentucky coal any way we can.
Sweeney: As a farmer, I have to take care of the land first. I am not convinced that we have figured out what to do with the waste. If we figure that out, then it may be part of our future. If coal is so great, then why are coal counties so poor?
Price: I wouldn’t build one more nuclear plant until the ones we have are secure. In 2002, a team breached 100% of nuclear plants twice. Guards are the “half drunk guys in the desert” that were all over the news. That should scare all of you to death. We have nuclear waste that we don’t know what to do with.
Mongiardo: We are in favor of lifting the moratorium. We haven’t had one death from nuclear accident in the United States. We know what to do with spent fuel. We have to reduce use of foreign oil. We are not only sending money, we are sending troops.
Conway: He’s not in favor of lifting the ban until the General Assembly studies the effect on the price of electricity. Ten years ago, utility companies and wanted deregulation. A consultant said that would make costs go up. Nuclear is three times as expensive as other methods. In favor of Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.