Paul tells Hannity he worried about beer throwers at Fancy Farm

Mary Potter

"...Rand Paul told conservative radio personality Sean Hannity Tuesday night, the picnic at St. Jerome Parish in western Kentucky Saturday was wild, partisan, and people boo the politicians. He also said they were worried beer and other objects would be thrown at them.

The picnic does not serve alcohol, because it is illegal in the community. Nothing was thrown... " 

Mark Wilson, the political director of the Fancy Farm Picnic, has called for Paul to apologize. We agree. We were there at the Picnic and no one threw anything at anyone. In fact, in 24 years of attending the Picnic, we've never seen anyone throw anything at a political speaker. We also have never seen beer in a can, bottle or cup. Paul is way off base and has done a disservice to the 600 families of St. Jerome Parish who work hard to put on a family event.  

Never have we seen a political candidate work so hard to blow a lead. Paul was ahead in West Kentucky until last weekend - the GQ story was bad enough. Now he's dissing the Picnic that was attended by thousands of HIS supporters. 

Shame on you, Dr. Paul. You are better than this!