One week in and still at it

Mary Potter

September 21, 2010.

It's been one week since we changed from all politics to a general mix of articles. So far, the comments have been favorable. I do recognize that those who are unfavorable are most likely gone away from here. That's okay. Vaya con dios!

Our first newsletter goes out on Wednesday and we should get a better read on who's going screaming into the night over the change. Mostly, I expect a huge yawn from friends and family who think the change is no big deal. 

There is politics in this issue - Ivan writes about battlewagons, those mega mobile homes that candidates use at Fancy Farm as a status symbol and away from home campaign headquarters. It seems that when it comes to wheeled vehicles that size does matter. We also have a letter to the editor by our friend, Gene, who graces us with his opinion every so often.

On the home front, we hosted the poetry group at our house and our cats showed themselves for the spoiled felines that they are. Anyone with cat disciplining techniques, shoot me an email with tips. I am still planting things. I know Ivan yearns for first frost to put away his garden shovel for the season.  We continue to love the front porch and would move out there and rock like Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies if time would permit.

I am looking for stories on sports from around the region. The extent of my knowledge on sports is the ability to identify the sport by the shape of the ball. Of course, there is no pay past getting one's name in print. I always crave pictures with stories. Budding writers get out there and watch Mayfield or Fulton or Hop'town or Paducah or whoever your favorite team is and then submit your report. It's not fifteen minutes of fame, but it accumulates.

Stay in touch. Be well. Think good thoughts.

Mary Potter