Hickman Co. Students now Members of World Future Society

Leadership students 2010 at HCHS 

 The future and the present came together last week in Hickman County. The Washington DC based World Future Society made Hickman County High School the site of its only youth futurist program in Kentucky. The memberships have an approximate value of $1000.

 All members of the successful joint Hickman County-Clinton Chamber of Commerce Young Leadership Program with the Hickman County High School were each given the latest edition of The Futurist magazine. This issue has the annual assessment for the next year’s major trends. Over eleven World Future Society magazinepages with 77 global trends are discussed in this edition of the magazine. 

The Young Leaders from Hickman County will now have a link into the premier world body of scientists, philosophers, authors, business CEO’s, government officials who make it their full time job of monitoring global trends that will impact the daily lives of each of us. Leadership students choose a project affecting their community to research and report on to elected leaders at the end of the school year.

Working with the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program and Hickman County School system, the World Future Society designated Hickman County students as part of their young futurist family. 

The World Future Society is a non profit educational and scientific association dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the trends shaping our future. The organization was founded in 1966. Today, the World Future Society is a global organization of 30,000 leaders and members from over 145 nations. This grouping of global expertise strives to envision a bright future for all of humanity and the planet.