Paducah Tillman JV Academic Team wins competition

Congratulations to the PTHS JV Academic Team for winning the Section 1 Kentucky Association for Academic Competition (KAAC) JV Challenge on November 13. Teams from Calloway County, Graves County, Marshall County, and Murray participated in the competition.

 Individual finishes included:

Miles Butler 4th place Math

Alex Story 6th place Science

Andrew Zaninovich 1st place Social Studies & Arts and Humanities

Will Hancock 3rd place Social Studies and 2nd place Composition

Marissa Davis 1st place Language Arts and 3rd place Composition

Catherine Miller 3rd place Language Arts and 4th place Arts & Humanities

Avery Harriman 4th place Language Arts

Cassie Arboleda 6th place Arts & Humanities

Alicia Humphrey 4th place Composition

 The quick recall team placed 2nd.  Members are:  Catherine Miller, Avery Harriman, Alicia Humphrey, Marissa Davis, Andrew Zaninovich, Jacob Holtgrewe, Justin Holt, Will Hancock, Miles Butler, Alex Story, and Cassie Arboleda.


Front row:  Alex Story, Andrew Zaninovich, Cassie Arboleda, Catherine Miller, Marissa Davis, Miles Butler.  Back row: Chris Wynne, Jacob Holtgrewe, Will Hancock, Alicia Humphrey, Avery Harriman, Justin Holt