Halls TN the place for globes, maps, collectible geography

Mary Potter

Globes, maps and fine books and posters One can never be too rich, too thin, or in Murray Hudson's case, have too many globes. Murray isn't exactly sure how many globes he has, but there are enough to open not one store, but three in the small community of Halls, just north of Jackson, Tennessee.

Murray Hudson, Antiquarian Books, Maps, Prints & Globes had an open house last Saturday to celebrate the opening of the two newest showrooms around the corner from the main location which had become filled to overflowing with collectibles. brass eagle on globe

Murray greeted friends and well wishers from all over at his open house - even two poor waifs from Clinton Kentucky who were content to hang out, eat cookies and take dozens of photos of the unique offerings.

Murray has all sorts of travel and transportation items - paintings of vintage planes and steamships -even a lunchbox illustrated with a steamship, the variety within the shops are worth a tour.map of World War One battlefields

Globes range from palm of the hand to bigger than the span of one's arms. Bases are marble, fine wood, plastic and brass.

If it could be shaped into a ball and marked with destinations, some enterprising globe maker took up the challenge.

One giant wall map retails for $35,000. The map, in French, is from the early eighteenth century. The illustration of native Americans (below) is still bright.

detail from big old expensive mapMurray Hudson's fine globe and map stores are not for the kiddies. He strongly discourages spinning the globes- a temptation even for those of us well into our prime. His store offers special items that are unique in a world of mass production.

Check out the store located at 109 S. Church Street in Halls or his website www.murrayhudson.com