Unopposed candidates Ppool and Crosbie running against incumbents

Mary Potter

Hopkins County Attorney Todd Ppool is the GOP candidate in the quest to deny Attorney General Jack Conway a second term. P’Pool was in Murray for the Purchase & Lakes Area 2011 Lincoln Day Hopkins County Attorney Todd PpoolDinner last Saturday evening.

Ppool blasted President Obama and a Democratic Congress for passing “the worst legislation in my lifetime” – the health care act. He roundly criticized his opponent for not joining 26 other attorneys general in their challenge to the law.

PPool promised that if he is elected that Kentucky will be “reporting for duty” to challenge the law.K, C. Crosbie is running for state treasurer

K. C. Crosbie is also running unopposed. She will take on Democratic incumbent Treasurer Todd Hollenbach in November if he defeats his primary opponent Steve Hamrick.

Crosbie serves as a county commissioner in Fayette County. She told party activists that she will be active in oversight of the state teacher retirement system. Crosbie said that she often casts the lone vote against tax increases that come before the merged government. She also criticized her opponent for his lack of press releases on the state treasurer’s website.