Marshall Judge Exec Mike Miller to MC Fancy Farm Picnic

Mary Potter

Marshall Judge Exec Mike Miller to MC Fancy Farm Picnic

Rita Henley, Judge Mike Miller and Rep. Melvin Henley share a laugh.

(Benton, July 31, 2011) - Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller will play a role at the Fancy Farm Picnic that might require him to dig down deep to find a bipartisan bone in his body. Miller will serve as master of ceremonies at the political speaking at the St. Jerome Picnic in Fancy Farm Picnic.

Miller, who has served as judge exec longer than some of the speakers have been alive, started his day job in 1974. The Democrat has guided his county through administrations of his party and the other.

Miller, a pragmatic politician of the old school, laughs about his upcoming gig as lion tamer in the unruliest political gathering in the Commonwealth.  He told us that he’s known all three gubernatorial candidates for years.  He is looking forward to the challenge of keeping the event on schedule and above reproach.

Judge Miller will have his hands full with activists from left, right and center of the political spectrum showing up with posters, costumes and chants practiced with the zeal of cheerleaders before national try-outs.