A poem to answer @Norman Levy

Michael Bugg, republished with permission

@ Norman Levy: Nice rhyme but...

You ask, "A penalty or a tax that's stealthy?"

I say it is a policy to keep the insurance companies wealthy!

But my Republican friends who now support Romney squeal -

"For all of America it is a very bad deal!!!"

Yet for eight dreadful years during W's reign

The Republicans ensured it all stayed the same!

Never a change or "reform" did they offer

And the insurance companies did fill many a coffer.

But now this imperfect law has finally been signed by Obama

And the Republicans gleefully make it into a campaign drama!

Alas, for the chance to return to Bush III and give us more of the same,

They have determined by demonizing this policy they can win the game.

This as they tip toe around the jobs they promised (in 2010) like a mouse,

When the only job opening they really wanted to create was in the White House!!!