Kemp Opposes Republican Plan to Use Taxpayers’ Money

Hal Kemp

Under No Circumstance Should Taxpayers’ Dollars

Be Used to Fund Pensions for Part-Time Legislators

Hal Kemp opposes legislative pensions 

(Murray, KY September 17, 2012) – In a press conference held by Republican candidates for Kentucky’s House of Representatives late last week, Kenny Imes, the Republican nominee for State Representative in House District 5, serving Calloway and part of Trigg counties, supported replacing the current taxpayer-funded legislative pension plan for part-time legislators with a taxpayer-funded 401K style retirement plan for future legislators.

Hal Kemp, Imes’ Democratic opponent in the upcoming General Election announced today that he opposes the Republican plan supported by Imes saying, “This is a defining contrast between our two candidacies.  My opponent, Kenny Imes supports using taxpayers’ money to fund pensions for part-time legislators, while I oppose using citizens’ tax dollars to fund pensions for part-time legislators.”

 “My opponent’s support for a plan that uses taxpayers’ money to fund pensions for part-time legislators is nothing more than a cynical attempt, cloaked in the guise of reform, to replace one tax-payer funded pension plan with another.   We need to end taxpayer-funded pensions for part-time legislators - period,” Kemp continued.

“My opponents’ plan is not real reform and that’s not the kind of change we need in Frankfort.  This issue should be a wakeup call for all fiscally responsible minded voters regardless of Party, Kemp concluded.”