Ag Committee passes hemp bill- Comer urges full House vote

Ted Sloan, Commissioner of Agriculture's Press

FRANKFORT, Ky. — In a nearly unanimous vote, the House Agriculture Committee passed Senate Bill 50, Sen. Paul Hornback’s industrial hemp bill supported by Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. Comer gave credit to the people of Kentucky for the victory.

“Kentuckians have said very clearly that they want jobs, and industrial hemp has the potential to create many jobs in this state,” Comer said. “I’m thankful to my former colleagues on the House Ag Committee for listening to their constituents, and I urge House leadership to move this bill to the floor for a vote as soon as possible.”

Senate Bill 50 creates an administrative framework for industrial hemp production in Kentucky. The bill passed the Senate by a convincing 31-6 vote last month.

The Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission voted unanimously to support SB 50 early this year in accordance with its obligation under Kentucky law to recommend legislation on procedures to grow industrial hemp. Commissioner Comer chairs the commission and revived it last year after 10 years of dormancy. Additionally, members of Kentucky’s congressional delegation from both parties, CEOs of nationally prominent businesses, and the former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence have all voiced their support for the hemp legislation.