Did Combs' appearance on Comment overly excite KET?

Mary Potter, West Kentucky Journal

Did Combs' appearance on Comment overly excite KET?

Bill Bryant on KET Comment on Kentucky

Comment on Kentucky invited a woman reporter, Miranda Combs of WKYT Lexington, to share the table last Friday evening.

I broke my self imposed exile  to watch.

It went along pretty well for the first ten minutes or so.

Then the KET feed went all crazy.

The picture fuzzed. Words garbled. Reporters became ghostly images.

I gave up when Ronnie Ellis' head appeared on Bill Bryant's’ body. It was one of those SyFy Channel moments - a Sharknado flashback Ronnie Ellis and Bill Bryant - mergerbehind my eyelids.

I wondered aloud to my husband if it were Ms. Combs' fault. Did the male electrons get too excited by the presence of a female proton?

Ivan said no. It’s just Jackson Purchase's KET service.

Fortunately, WSIU from Carbondale Illinois comes in just fine.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the Illinois governor’s race.

It looks like we are going to learn.