Auditor Edelen visits Rotary Club of Murray

Mary Potter, Photos by Ivan Potter

Auditor Edelen visits Rotary Club of Murray

Auditor Edelen visited Murray Rotary Club last Thursday.

The Rotary Club of Murray meeting at Pagliai’s (pronounced Paw-lee-eyes) Italian restaurant in Murray last Thursday was a news making occasion.

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen spoke briefly, reminding Rotarians that he was the guy that got Richie Farmer locked up. Trying very hard not to sound like a candidate for higher office, Edelen extolled the virtues of water fowl hunting in West Kentucky and his trek from one end of the Commonwealth to the other.

Edelen explained his work as state auditor by saying that Kentucky doesn’t have money to waste. “A poor state can’t lose a dollar” he said. Edelen greeted old friends, pressed the flesh then moved on to his next Purchase Area appearance at a Paducah Middle School.

Murray Mayor Bill Wells updated Rotarians on the latest news on the building collapse from the weekend before. Mayor Bill Wells explained thaMurray Mayor Bill Wellst affected businesses were allowed some time to recover what they could. He said that when they started carrying out potted plants, he knew they'd have enough time. He said there is a plan for recovering the downtown that is in development.

Good natured ribbing and dollar depositing under the invited guests introductions portion of the program abounded when Dr. Jack Rose, a candidate for mayor of Murray was introduced as a guest.

The six foot plus Rose stood up and told Mayor Wells that “I like your seat.” That brought on jibes from the Mayor’s supporters as “happy news.” 

The meeting was packed with Murray State University trustees and guests to hear Dr. Constantine Curris, Chairman of the MSU Board of Regents speak about Murray State’s budget and the search for a new president. (See accompanying story)