Truth, Lies, and Videotape: From Hound Dog to Lapdog

Jeanie Embry

Truth, Lies, and Videotape: From Hound Dog to Lapdog

Mitch McConnell portrays himself as someone who has the backs of working middle class families in Kentucky. Trouble with his stale rhetoric is that his 30-year voting record speaks louder than his words when it comes to where his real loyalties lie. Truth is, McConnell serves corporate America not Main Street Americans. McConnell serves the masters of monied special interests who line his campaign coffers year after year instead of the average American standing in line to vote at their polling place.

Mitch McConnell has been working overtime hoping to fool Kentucky women into thinking he has their best interests at heart when his voting record demonstrates just the opposite! McConnell has repeatedly voted against the Violence Against Women Act, has obstructed efforts to get women equal pay at the workplace, and has fought against the very legislation which allows women better access to health care including cancer screenings.

In one of McConnell’s recent TV commercials he blames President Obama for cuts which hurt military families and veterans when in actuality it is McConnell and his voting record that demonstrates contempt for veterans and their families! He’s voted against expanding medical centers across the country and opposes extending a program that offers care for veterans with brain injuries. He’s voted against restoring cost-of-living military pension cuts for new recruits, has blocked legislation to create jobs for thousands of veterans, and opposed making more veterans eligible for in-state tuition at public universities. And to add insult to injury, McConnell was one of only six members of Congress to vote against a bipartisan effort to reduce the VA’s backlog last year.

According to a new poll just released by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky an overwhelming majority of Kentuckians, including most self-identified Republicans, support Governor Beshear’s decision to expand Medicaid for low-income residents under the Affordable Care Act. Kentucky’s health care exchange, Kynect, has topped 200,000 enrollees, according to the Governor’s Office. So far roughly three-fourths of those who have signed up have enrolled in the expanded Medicaid program and the remaining quarter have enrolled in new private plans. Still, McConnell is committed to spreading misinformation about the ACA law.

When President Obama took office in 2009 and went to work on the 2010 budget, the first thing the President did was bring the cost of the wars into the budget process. This is why it appears that spending increased by a staggering sum. Geo. W. Bush had waged the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan ‘off the books’ over his 8 year term, and President Obama felt that ‘war’ cost was a budget item and should be transparently disclosed. In fact, actual spending in other areas has remained basically the same and is on track to decrease in the coming year yet McConnell fails to mention this information when discussing spending, the budget, and the national debt. McConnell also conveniently leaves out the fact that he is the ‘earmark king’ bringing home the pork largely to other states besides Kentucky!

Some may recall McConnell’s deceptively cunning 1984 campaign ad, known as “Hound Dog,” which featured a pack of bloodhounds sniffing in vain for our then incumbent US Senator, Dee Huddleston, who had supposedly skipped out on his duties in the Senate in order to give paid speeches. Between 1981 and 1984, according to Newsweek, Huddleston’s attendance record in the Senate was actually ninety-four per cent, far from delinquent, and one of the best attendance records in the Congress! McConnell's campaign overcame a 40-point-plus deficit after the game-changing "Hound Dog" ad first aired. Hopefully Kentuckians won’t be fooled again by the McConnell machine and the $10million dollars worth of TV ad whoppers he’ll use to try to sway our votes with untruths, misconceptions, and outright lies!! Kentucky’s women, veterans, and working families deserve better. Kentuckians can’t afford to send the corporate “Lapdog” Mitch McConnell back to the US Senate!