Lead to Discover

Rachel Jackson, Leadership Class of 2013-2014

Lead to Discover

Twenty five students and sponsors visited the Discovery Park of America.

The Hickman County Chamber of Commerce Leadership program visited The Discovery Park of America on March 27th. Priced at over $100 million the park has seen over 80,000 people since November 2013, and is expected to see 300,000 in a year.

Founder Robert Kirkland couldn’t have done it alone. Kirkland paired up with over 200 volunteers and Jim Rippy in order to complete the 120 ft tower, 50 acre complex, and 100,000 square ft complex to provide world class entertainment and education.

“I had a great time and look forward to coming back” Said Leadership Member Jonathan Reynolds.

The Leadership Program also attended a meeting held at the Obion County Public Library with Lindsay Frilling and Katie Keathly, both members of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce. Keathly and Frilling aren’t the only ones behind the Chamber of Commerce. There are 19 board members and the many businesses and employees in which they recruit.

One important lesson learned was that in order to make it in the work industry is relationships are the key to success.

“You never know when you’ll be shaking the hand of your future employer” said Keathly. Problem Solving also plays a tremendous role in the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program.

“Business is beautiful but ugly at the same time, but always keep a smile on your face. It could be game changing” said Frilling after hearing the Leadership members present their ideas on how to improve the community.

These ideas will be presented at the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program Graduation on May 18th in the gym of Assembly of God church in Clinton at 2 p.m. The members will be judged on their presentation and we invite the community to join us as we present our future in the making.