HCHS Readers Select Favorite Bluegrass Books

Karen Stairs, HCHS LMS & Falcon Academy Coordinator

Each year, with the help of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, the Kentucky Reading Association promotes a list of selected books to student readers across the state. The list is known as the KBA List, or Kentucky Bluegrass Award nominees.

At the end of the year, students who have read at least two of these KBA nominees are given the opportunity to vote for their favorites. The book in each category which garners the most votes statewide is named the overall winner. The state-wide winning titles will be announced later this week.

Recently, HCHS readers who participated in the program were invited to a "Voting Party" in order to select their favorites from this year's list.

KBA readers pictured below: (back row) Jade Florence, Latrese Vinson, Hailey Dixon, Kristen Boaz, Sarah Harpole, Savannah Sublette, Haley-Marie Ellegood, Cassidy Luker; (front row) Jalisha Hunter and Courtney Cagle. Not pictured are Audrey Byassee and Zach Etherton.