They're Back! Student works on display in Hickman County Courthouse

Danny Whitlock

They're Back! Student works on display in Hickman County Courthouse | art, school, Hickman County Arts Council, education,

Again this summer, the Hickman County Arts Council is pleased to display pieces of two dimensional art from students in both Hickman County Elementary and Hickman County High School. The artwork will be on display in one of the courthouse display cases through the month of August.

The work completed by our budding artists under the direction of Mr. Rick Harrison, include pieces from Blythe Armbruster - K; Kaylee Sumner - 1st; Brec Byassee and Sydnee Bailey - 2; Austin Edwards and Cayce Higgins - 3; Anna Howell, Kenzie Curray, and Ellie Davis - 4; Carly Boaz, Abbey Fincher, and Abbie Nanny - 5; Madison Coates, Bella Batts, Desi Williams, and Caitlyn Toombs - 6; Joseph Porter, Adriann Crider, and Winter Smith - 9; and Melody Russell - 12.

Many of these students focused on a particular artist and rendered their interpretation of that artist's work including works by Kandinsky, Cezanne, Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe. Other student's work focused on the techniques of print making and block printing.

It would be worth your time and effort to stop by our courthouse and admire the work of these student artists. The Hickman County Arts Council supports all artistic endeavors both in our schools and throughout our community. HCAC is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are fully tax deductible. Donations to HCAC will be put to use within Hickman County in a range of activities focused on the arts. For more information on making a donation or to become an HCAC member, contact Mary Potter at 270-653-3312