What I am reading...

Ivan C. Potter

What I am reading...

Editor's Note: Mr. Potter reads a lot of magazines that we think our readers may enjoy hearing about. I hope this becomes a continuing column.

The Atlantic Monthly is, in my mind, required reading for any person interested in the future. With me, the future is nothing more then studying how current events mash into past events. What is left is the future.

Each month the magazine has engaging articles on major issues defining America. The March issue is especially of interest to me due to one story. That article is also the cover of the magazine. It is entitled "Can America Put Itself Back Together?"

James Fallows, long time writer, thinker, editor associated with the Atlantic Monthly, wrote the article. He has many books to his credit including writings on China, military, politics, and the future of America.

I first met James in August of 1978 in the White House. He was a speech writer for President Jimmy Carter and I was a special advisor for rural development issues on loan to the White House from Kentucky. I have kept up with him over the span of time we call modern history (1974 through 2016).

A special treat is his test on how successful cities will do well in the new America taking shape.

Get a copy or go online and buy it. You will enjoy the article.