Breaking News- Whitfield to resign as of Sept. 6th

Mary Potter

Breaking News- Whitfield to resign as of Sept. 6th | Ed Whitfield, James Comer, Sam Gaskins,

First District House member Ed Whitfield contacted Gov. Bevin on Monday and announced he will resign effective September 6th. That's the day that Congress reconvenes after the summer break.

According to a report in the Lexington Herald Leader, Whitfield gave no reason for the early resignation. He has been undergoing an ethics investigation in the House for contacts between his wife, a registered lobbyist and his staff.

Gov. Bevin has scheduled a special election for November 8th. That's the same day as the general election.

If the present nominees of each party - James Comer (GOP) and Sam Gaskins (Dem) are also nominated to run in the special election, their names will appear twice on the November ballot. With no time for another primary, it is believed that nominations will be made by state executive committees.

The winner of the special election will take office as soon as the results are certified. The winner of the general election will take office in January, 2017. Until that time, the first congressional district will be unrepresented.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are elected to serve two year terms. Republicans currently control the House, 247 Republicans to 186 Democrats.