Fancy Farm Picnic just around the corner

Mary Potter

Fancy Farm Picnic just around the corner | Fancy Farm 2019, McConnell, Graves County, West Kentucky, Paducah, politics, Republican Party, Democratic Party

Fancy Farm Picnic 2019 almost here!

7/30/19 UPDATED: Senator McConnell has confirmed he will speak (then leave early).

Senator Paul would rather go to a 3rd world country than come to Fancy Farm.

Party loyalists are already booking hotel rooms and setting up super secret squirrel meetings for the first week of August in the Purchase. Lots of partisan events to attend that week - plus the Lakes and the Discovery Park of America and the American Quilt Museum in Paducah and...and...and...

Here's the line up of speakers and how long they can talk. Contests have coin tosses on who goes first. Three public officials have not decided whether to show up or not.

Expecting McConnell to confirm, Paul and Grimes - not.



Fancy Farm Political Chairman Mark Wilson Welcome

Owensboro Diocese Bishop William Medley Invocation

Ms. Stephanie Hayden National Anthem

Ms. Emily Portman Drake My Old Ky Home


Mr. Bill Goodman yes 5


Ky Senator Stan Humphries-r yes 2

Ky Representative Richard Heath-r yes 2

U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell-r yes 6

U.S. Senator Rand Paul-r Ugh - no

U.S. Congressman James Comer-r yes 6

*Governor Matt Bevin-r yes 6
*Governor Candidate Andy Beshear-d yes 6

*Lt. Governor Candidate Ralph Alvarado-r yes 3
*Lt. Governor Candidate Jacqueline Coleman-d yes 3

*Ag. Commission Candidate Robert Conway-d yes 3
*Ag. Commissioner Ryan Quarles-r yes 3

Secretary of State Alison L. Grimes-d Nope. Nada. 2
*Secretary of State Candidate Mike Adams-r yes 3
*Secretary of State Candidate Heather Henry-d yes 3

*Attorney General Candidate Daniel Cameron-r yes 3
*Attorney General Candidate Greg Stumbo-d yes 3

*Treasurer Allison Ball-r yes 3
*Treasurer Candidate Michael Bowman-d yes 3

*Auditor Candidate Sheri Donahue-d yes 3
*Auditor Mike Harmon-r yes 3

*Ky Supreme Court Candidate Shea Nickell yes 3
*Ky Supreme Court Candidate Whitney Westerfield yes 3