Birds of a Feather

Gene Nettles

Geese and migratory tundra birds rush seasonally,

To where Earth's extremities expand and contract,

Ice fields laid back to expose feeding and breeding grounds.

Songbirds return to temperate climes with males colorful eros plumage,

The four seasons of the temperate regions govern their lives.

The bright plumage of macaws and parrots add color in the waist of Earth,

The wet or dry places between The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Albatross and a few ocean birds live on the oceans,

Gliding effortlessly on unseen wind currents, oblivious to weather's vagaries,

Gigantic storms generate fear, while warm water currents warm many lands.

An uncontrollable storm brought the Cattle Egrets from Africa,

Reminiscent of the movement of man from Africa,

Perhaps we are also Birds of a Feather............

Gene Nettles