Kentucky will have even more divided government in 2021

Mary Potter

Kentucky will have even more divided government in 2021 | Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Kentucky politics, Kentucky election 2020, Joe Biden,

A super majority for Republicans in the Kentucky General Assembly when it reconvenes in January 2021.

When the General Assembly reconvenes on January 5, 2021, Republicans will be high fiving their November wins.

That will mean hard times ahead for Governor Andy Beshear. Republican rule plus a pandemic that continues to rage out of control will put any platform plans out of reach.

Kentucky once again was a deeply red state with Donald Trump beating President Elect Joe Biden by a margin of 1,325,742 to Biden's 771,884.

Senator Mitch McConnell was elected to a 7th term and looks to be on track to become majority leader once again. Democrats made some gains, but it is unclear whether they will be enough to take the Senate. Run offs in Georgia will be closely watched (and heavily financed) by both sides of the political spectrum.

The US House of Representatives will remain in the hands of Democrats, but their margin shrank.

What lies ahead are few moves in any direction as Kentucky's ship of state now has rudders on both bows steering in opposite directions.