Fooling Kentuckians

Gene Nettles

Fooling Kentuckians | political editorial, Congress, Rand Paul, Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, Gene Nettles, commentary

(political editorial)

Don't you get mad when politicians lie? The lies coming from those we elected to represent us in the U.S. House and Senate from the Kentucky Majority Party have such a record that we must research what they do opposed to what they say.

Much credit for the Republican party shell game can be attributed to our Senior Senator who supported a Russian aluminum smelter in Kentucky; if this smelter had become a reality it would have been Soviet Spy Central-----it is no surprise that pundits call him: Moscow Mitch. He took a victory lap at the overturning of the Supreme Court reversal of Roe; this champion of misogyny appears to be perfectly comfortable with a 12 year old rape victim having to birth her rapist's baby, sick, sick, sick.

Once again he has gone against the wishes of the majority of Kentuckians.

Our Junior Senator acts like a "Jack-in-a-Box" with such actions as to be the only US Senator to vote against approval for the Federal Budget---shallow grandstanding at best. Media reports of his award of a couple of cracked ribs in a child like minor dispute with a neighbor goes far in explaining his petulance record. His seeking of attention gives the appearance of a young boy appealing to Daddy: "Can you see me now?"

None of the Republicans we sent to the US House of Representatives voted for the 2022 Gun Control Bill; This is especially saddening in the 1st Congressional District when our Representative developed a serious case of amnesia in forgetting about the school shootings at Heath and Marshall County High Schools, one could surmise he thought that 24 wounded and 5 dead are not worthy of the schools protective measures included in this legislation.

The entire Kentucky Republican Contingent we sent to Washington voted to overthrow the Government and to throw out and discard all votes of Kentuckians. Their chest thumping about their love for America wanes to the insignificant when their disdain for the wishes of Kentuckians is so evident.

Gene Nettles

Fulton County, Ky.