Parks Department Plays Favorites

Editor’s Note: Some days we think we are being ignored by Frankfort here in far western Kentucky. Other days we KNOW we’re being ignored.
The press release below hit my inbox yesterday evening and my immediate reaction was fury. I don't have a problem with Perryville Battlefield having Civil War Days. Good for them.

What I do have a problem with is a statewide press release for one Civil War weekend "45 minutes from Lexington" and ignoring another Civil War Days held the same weekend,  but a very looooong way from Lexington.  Columbus-Belmont is a state park and an award winning one at that.

My immediate email response to Mr. Lawson is below the press release. At this writing (Friday afternoon), I haven’t heard back from him. 

The photos with this story is by Lynn Deweese, a Hickman County farmer and artist. Lynn’s work, along with other talented photographers will be on display at Columbus Belmont Park beginning Oct 11th of  Civil War Days.

Kentucky Department of Parks News Release 
Oct. 2, 2008                                                                    Contact: Gil Lawson
IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       502-564-8110, ext 168           
Perryville Battlefield To Host Re-Enactment Oct. 11-12    
 PERRYVILLE, Ky. – Perryville battlefield State Historic Site will again play host to the re-enactment of the largest battle of the Civil War in Kentucky Oct. 11-12.
 The two-day event will include demonstrations of infantry, cavalry and artillery, along with authentic campsites, battleground tours and expert speakers. The highlight each day will be a 2 p.m. battle.
 The re-enactment commemorates the most destructive Civil War battle in the state which left more than 7,600 killed, wounded or missing. The park museum tells of the battle that was the South’s last serious attempt to gain possession of Kentucky. The battlefield is one of the most unaltered Civil War sites in the nation; vistas visible today are virtually those soldiers saw on that fateful day in 1862.
 Other program features for the weekend include Ruth Hill Fulton McAllister, who has published a new edition of Co. Aytch, written by hergreat grandfather, Confederate soldier and Perryville veteran Sam Watkins (Saturday at 11 a.m.); a program on the Ghosts of Perryville (Saturday at 5 p.m.), and several presentations throughout the weekend related to Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday bicentennial is next year.
 Admission is $10 per carload, $15 per van and $20 for a bus. Visitors should be prepared to walk by wearing comfortable shoes. They should also bring a chair and allow time to get to the park and battlefields due to the crowd. 
For more information about the re-enactment weekend and schedule, visit
 Perryville Battlefield is 45 miles southwest of Lexington. Take US 68 west to US 150 west.

Email sent October 2nd to Gil Lawson:
Gil -
Could you announce Civil War Days down here at Columbus Belmont Park in Hickman County, KY with reenactments and events this weekend?
This is a battle in which General Ulysses S. Grant himself took part.
Isn't it worth a press release?  
PS - The event is FREE and within driving distance of a good third of Kentuckians
Mary Potter