Hickman County Museum: Window into Past

We went to the annual Christmas Open House at the HC Museum and found out that the Museum folks, volunteers all, had not been idle in the past year. 

New displays featured top hats, the Great War and in the Annex, a display of toys that our grandparents may have gotten under their Christmas tree and other treasures. 

Katie Beck and Museum Curator Rose Berry show off a basketball jersey worn by players for the no longer in existence Fulgham School.  The player had "Zero" for his number? 

Katie did the wreath hanging on the staircase. Volunteers did all the decorating- including the donated lanterns arrangement.

War was felt in Hickman County as in the rest of the country- below, a "Buy Bonds" poster is flanked by military caps and medals. The World War One soldier below is certainly "unknown"!  The Museum has display cases of photos, letters and just plain stuff.  Below - this guy is either a butcher or a doctor - not sure which!

In the Annex  - Christmas wishes for little people -dollies and teddy bears, bb guns and calico horses.


The Museum is open Wed. - Saturdays.