Sen. Bunning's Charity Begins at Home

Charity surely begins at home. In the case of Senator Jim Bunning’s charitable foundation,  it begins at home and stays there. 

Bunning, who is a former Detroit Tiger pitcher, has been in the news recently for his Mikey-like hatred of all things bail-out.  He scorned the 700 million dollar bank bailout and lambasted the idea that GM, Ford and Chrysler should get government aid.

(Chrysler just announced one month plant shut downs throughout the Midwest.)

According to a story in today’s Bluegrass Politics, Bunning pays himself $20,000 a year for one hour a week work.  In addition to outright donations, Bunning appears at memobilia conventions and sells his baseball card signature to contribute to the trust. He also gets paid by nonappearance buyers in unspecified amounts. Bunning recently lost a signing gig in Michigan because of his opposition to federal help for Detroit's automakers. The only recipients of the trust are Catholic churches around his Northern Kentucky home. 
Senator Bunning is one of the senators assigned to oversee the IRS – the agency assigned to police charitable institutions with tax exempt status.

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