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Ode to the Passing of what has been and what is to be

I do not apologize for my views. 

I do not apologize for your views. 

I do not apologize for the turn of events and flow of history we call modern times. 

I do not apologize for the coming darkness of civilizational ignorance. 

I do not apologize for those among us who feel neither passion nor peace.

I do not apologize for predator corporations who seek to devour the meek, the ignorant, the weak; it is their way to hunt us down like economic T-rexes.

I do not apologize for those who know better to allow the seeds of fascism lure us into the false hope that freedoms can be sold for security.

I do not apologize for selfish politicians who lay claim to our rights and then sell them to the highest bidders for yet more richness’s and personal gains. 

I do not apologize that we are made in God’s image. 

I do apologize that we as stewards of God’s creation have totally failed to understand what responsibility that means. 

I do apologize to my grandchildren that I and my generation saw fit to waste and destroy so much of this planet in the name of personal economic greed. 

I do apologized to my children and their children for my addiction to the call of“shopping ‘til I drop” for stuff that neither move us forward in our attempts to build a new    age of greatness nor uplifted us as individuals. 

I do cry for the lost ways that I didn’t take to protect God’s creation.

I do mourn the time lost in throwing around credit cards to purchase even more stuff to assist in the plunder of natural resources 

I do go down on one knee and ask God that maybe my time and the age of my      generation will be given yet one more chance to make things right. 

I do give thanks that with each new day I am allowed to wake up and be a part of the       creation, opportunities for redemption mount with each passing battle of corporate greed vs. good earth stewardship. 

I do welcome the struggles of this new Age of Awareness in which young and old must come together to rebuild our culture and civilization. 

I (We) now must face a new future in which the sands of time are rapidly flowing toward a tipping point in which the fate of mankind hangs in the balance as to his reign over this planet. 

I (We) must see that what has been and what is to be, are sands of the same river. They are particles of action in constant spatial movement that we call Time. 

I (We) must travel into the question of to be or not to be, at oneness, with where we live. The choice of which road travelled will define our collective future.

 I (We) must believe that intelligence, free choice, spirit of seeking beyond the status quo will be our lights into the darkness of modern intolerance. 

I (We) must embrace our stumbling out of the Age of Consumption into the Age of Awareness, as an act of faith that our tomorrow’s will be framed by positive acts and energies and not the worst of humanity’s calling.    

I (We) are made in his image. We are blessed with his genetics and passion for good stewardship of his kingdom. 

I (We) now must rise up and seek a higher plane of existence rather then just saying “Charge it.” 

I (We) must now wake from our self induced coma of personal gratification at any cost. 

I (We) must now become aware of who we are and where we stand in the new age of balance existence in God’s plan. 

I (We) must renew our faith in ourselves and God’s creation we call Earth. 

I (We) must now become clean and with oneness of the Earth.

I (We)  must heal the Earth.

I (We) must weep no more for failed history. 

I (We) must rejoice for what our future can become

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