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Thank God Mitch is thinking about retiring...why else write his memoir?

Mitch McConnell has seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it is flashing the message "grab the special interests money and run for the exits as fast as you can."

In a press release today, McConnell talks of writing about his early years with his struggle over polio. He will also write about his being on the public paycheck for over forty years.

The book has a tentative title of "The Long Game." How appropriate for Mitch to use this name. The real career of McConnell has been one massive game in which he runs for public office while increasingly becomes a mouthpiece for special interest and large corporations at the expense of the public good.

The only true political talent that Mitch has is the art of being a very mean bully. During the last Senate campaign against Allison L. Grimes, he spend some 70 million dollars trying to destroy Grimes on a personal basis without engaging in any debates or real discussion of the major issues facing Kentucky.
In the Senate race of 2014, McConnell unleashed all of the bully skills learned in office since his first race of 1984. At that time, Dee Huddleston was the Democratic Senator for Kentucky. Huddleston beat himself in that race, with a whole lot of help from Mitch shoving him off the cliff of politics.

In 1984, just before the filing deadline for the US Senate race primary, I was coming out of the Kentucky Secretary of State's office in the first floor of the State Capitol. The shadows of day were getting long as Dee walked down the long hallway and stopped just in front of the Kentucky Secretary's of State Office. Standing there in a long tan cashmere coat, he projected the kind of Washington political power one would expect of his job.

He spent several minutes telling me of his latest adventures on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He also told me that the people would be proud of his record in shaping foreign affairs for the country.

When I asked about McConnell's dog attack ads, he said, "Not to worry. They were too silly to be taken seriously."

At that moment, I knew that Dee had the Fulbright Problem. Senator Fulbright, from Arkansas had been defeated in his state because he had gotten too caught up in foreign affairs and had forgotten where home was.
The rest is history. Mitch used a couple of hound dogs running through the halls of Congress, looking for Dee. The people of Kentucky connected with probably one the all time best political ads ever made. Dee lost his race.

Fast forward to the Senate campaign of 2014. Mitch attack ads of over 70 million dollars destroys Grimes and lays waste to any hope of cooperation between the two major political parties. The common thread between these two races over a span of forty years for Mitch were: (1) lots of money (2) vicious mean spirited attack ads (3) defining issues that invented mistruths and false facts (think War on Coal) and the total corruption of power by a national leader.

Now, just six months into being Senate Majority Leader, Mitch acts like and looks like a "Kentucky deer caught in the bright light of Washington DC insiders" who have a score to settle with Mitch. It seems that Mitch never compromised on gaining political power; he just destroyed all in his way. For Mitch, this new status of national power and spotlight has come from stepping over and on the backs of many powerful people.

Now in 2015, McConnell must try to lead a dysfunctional Republican political party rapidly going over the cliff of national trust. He is failing on a daily basis.

Guess what, Mitch, political paybacks are a bitch.

It's time to write your book, and think about spending more time with your family.

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