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Hickman County Schools Declared DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT

There is a lot to celebrate in the Hickman County School District at all levels.

The District has been recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education as a Distinguished School District based on accountability scores for the 2014-2015 school year. This is a title of significant distinction for a school district to possess. Distinguished is characterized by being above the 90th percentile (based on the locked percentiles set in 2013). It is evident that good teaching has paid off for the students of Hickman County. The county was classified as a district in need of improvement in 2012-2013. The next year, the county moved to a proficient district and now the impressive step to distinguished! Hickman County has reason to be proud.

Hickman County Elementary has made incredible gains and is classified as a Proficient/Progressing elementary school. Proficient indicates that Hickman County Elementary is above the 70th percentile compared to other elementary schools based on the locked percentiles set in 2013. H.C.E.S. currently is ranked at the 78th percentile--a dramatic increase from 53rd percentile the previous year. The Progressing title indicates that the school has increased its overall score by 1.0 point. H.C.E.S. has increased by 6.0 points!! "The faculty and staff at Hickman County Elementary work hard every day to help students learn," said Richard Todd, HCES principal. "I am impressed every day with everyone in the building...students, teachers, aides, custodians, the lunch ladies...everyone. They all pitch in to do whatever is needed to do what is best for kids." Mr. Todd continued, "As for our test scores, we are thrilled at the progress we made this year, but we are not content. We will continue every day to get better."

Math is an area of great improvement. 50.2% of the students in grades 3-6 are proficient or distinguished in math--above the state average. Growth is also measured as part of the accountability model in Kentucky. In math, 71.7% of our student made typical or higher growth as compared to the state average of 59.9. 51.9% of our 5th graders scored proficient or distinguished in social studies. Our students and teachers are seeing wonderful gains in writing and language mechanics. In writing, 63.3% of Hickman County Elementary Students scored proficient or distinguished compared to the state average of 43.8. In language mechanics, 55.9% of our students scored proficient or distinguished.

Hickman County Middle School has continued to show impressive increases. Over three years, HCMS has moved from the 21st percentile to the 56th percentile to the 63rd percentile. Great things are happening! Social studies scores at HCMS were notable --70.8% of students at HCMS scored proficient or distinguished--compared to the state average of 58.6. HCMS students also performed well on Language mechanics 66.7% proficient or distinguished compared to the state average of 51.6. "At the middle school we saw significant gains also. We are very close to the Proficiency rating. HCMS went from the 56th percentile to the 63rd percentile in the state, so we are making the gains necessary to meet proficiency and eventually get to the Distinguished rankings," stated Mr. Kevin Estes, principal of Hickman County High School. " Again, the students and teachers understand the work and dedication to reach our goals and I appreciate what they are doing in the classrooms daily. "

Hickman County High School continues to have the honor to be recognized as a School of Distinction/Progressing. For several years, HCHS has been recognized for its achievements. 2011-2012 Hickman County High School was categorized as Distinguished-High Performing. 2012-2013 HCHS was Distinguished/Progressing--School of Distinction. 2013-2014 HCHS was Distinguished/Progressing--School of Distinction. School of Distinction recognition means that a school is in the 95% of schools and meets its annual measureable objective (achievement), graduation rate goal, participation rate goal and has graduation rate above 60% for 2 years. Hickman County High School has reached and maintained this prestigious honor.

"We have a tradition of developing our students' abilities to answer the challenges that they may face. Our teachers work to make every student self-sufficient and resourceful," Mr. Shane Bizzle, Assistant Principal at Hickman County High School explained. "HCHS saw overall gains. It excites me that we continue to grow at the high school because it is tough to continue to make strides when you are in the top 4% of all high schools in the state," explained Mr. Kevin Estes. "HCHS went from the 96th percentile to the 97th this year - so this again shows the hard work and dedication of our students and staff. HCHS is still a School of Distinction, the Falcon Academy is model program around the state, and the students and staff are dedicated to greatness, these are a few reasons that Hickman Co. High School is a great place to be."

This success is a result of teachers meeting the needs of individual students. Hickman County High School continues to be at the top of the state ranking with a 100.0 score for College and Career Readiness. "We are super excited with our composite ACT score of 21.3 and ranked top 20 in the state," Mr. Estes stated. "The ACT is a huge focus for our kids/staff and this is a great payoff for their hard efforts. We hope this continues to set the tone for all classes that come through HCHS."

It also continues to have a graduation rate of 100.0%. Hickman County Schools puts students first. In reading, 71.4% of HCHS students score proficient or distinguished compared to a state average of 56.6. In math, 52.2 % of HCHS students score proficient or distinguished compared to a state average of 38.1. In science, 40.7% of HCHS students score proficient and in social studies, 62.3% of HCHS students score proficient. Both percentiles are above the state average. Writing scores reflect that 69.8% of HCHS students score proficient or distinguished compared to a state average of 50.0. Language mechanic scores are above the state average with 66.7% of HCHS students scoring proficient or distinguished.

Hickman County is at the top of the rankings in the river counties which compose the first district.
Districts Overall Score Classification Reward Recognition
Hickman County 72.1 Distinguished/Progressing District of Distinction/ High Progress District
Fulton Independent 66.5 Proficient
Carlisle County 65.3 Needs Improvement Focus District
Fulton County 64.7 Needs Improvement/Progressing Focus District

Elementary Schools Overall Score Classification
Hickman County Elementary 69.2 Proficient/Progressing
Carlisle County Elementary 65.3 Needs Improvement
Fulton Independent School 63.1 Needs Improvement
Fulton County Elementary/Middle School 62.7 Needs Improvement/Progressing

Middle Schools Overall Score Classification
Hickman County High School 64.2 Needs Improvement/Progressing
Carlisle County Middle School 59.9 Needs Improvement
Fulton County Elementary/Middle School 58.9 Needs Improvement
Fulton Independent School 56.4 Needs Improvement

High Schools Overall Score Classification
Hickman County High School 81.8 Distinguished/Progressing School of Distinction
Fulton Independent School 80.1 Distinguished/Progressing School of Distinction/High Progress
Fulton County High School 72.6 Proficient/Progressing Focus School/High Progress School
Carlisle County High School 70.7 Proficient

Programs Reviews for Arts and Humanities, Practical Living and Career Studies, Writing and the Primary Program are now included in Kentucky's Accountability Model. The Program Review scores are 23% of each district and each school's overall score. The faculty and staff worked diligently to document and implement the requirements for the Program Review. Hickman County High School, Hickman County Middle School and Hickman County Elementary School had an overall Program Review Score of Proficient

"There are so many wonderful things going on within our school system," said Casey Henderson, Superintendent of the Hickman County Schools. "The recent success of our district is a direct result of the faith our community has in our staff and students. We are fortunate to have a superb faculty that cares deeply for the students who have been placed in their care as well as a student body who has a desire to be their very best. Our dedication is definitely producing great results and our goal is to remain diligent in the fact that we must always be searching for more ways to improve."

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